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All Mentor Kickoff Panel


At this year's All Mentor Kickoff Night, we heard from a panel of experienced mentors and scholar alumni, who shared their wisdom and experience with us. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the panel:


What do you wish someone told you before you started as a mentor? 


  • "Make sure you advocate for your scholar if you know of an opportunity that would benefit them: they may not understand the benefit they will receive and you may need to push them toward it."


  • "I had trouble seeing in myself what my mentor saw in me. So as a mentor, for me, the focus is on showing others what I see in them, and that’s the hardest part."


  • "I wish someone had reminded me how hard teenagers are--they don’t say thank you, they don’t call you back. It’s not personal, they’re just teenagers."


How do you build a stronger relationship with your scholar?


  • "I got past the initial facade by mentioning my own struggles in high school and asking about specific topics relating to high school social groups/conflict."


  • "You have to keep trying different topics and see what gets them excited about talking to you. In the meantime though, you have to still work on being the best mentor you can be--making sure you’re another adult role model in their life, focusing on how to get them to the best college they can, and helping them stay true to themselves."


  • "I’d say the two main things are to show them you’re not perfect and to leave your comfort zone and enter into their world."

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