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Q: How should I interact with my scholar's parents?

A: Mentors are encouraged to develop a strong relationship with their scholar's parents if possible. 



Q: Are mentors expected to make any financial contributions?

A: No, although some mentors choose to sponsor their scholar's tuition or give to PEAK's general fund. Mentors are not expected to give financially, only of their time and advice!



Q: I'm worried about my scholar's safety- what should I do?

A: If your scholar's immediate safety is in danger, call 911 immediately. Then notify PEAK so we can alert the school and your scholar's family.



Q: What if my scholar doesn’t return my phone calls or misses a meeting?

A: Persistence is important in the mentoring relationship. We know that as mentors, your schedules are hectic. In addition, your scholars are busy with family obligations, making friends, completing coursework, and participating in sports and extracurriculars. Just keep trying and be patient at first. If your scholar consistently fails to return your calls or consistently misses appointments, contact PEAK's Program Manager at 773.447.6431.



Q: Each time I try to arrange an outing with my scholar, his/her parents want to accompany us. What do I do?

A: Parents and scholar may take time to adjust to this new relationship and dynamic with you. From time to time, a parent has to be reminded of the importance of the mentoring relationship and how it is developed. If you are having difficulty meeting with your scholar one-on-one, notify PEAK and we will help you address the situation.



Q: Am I allowed to bring my scholar to my house to spend time with my family?

A: Absolutely! We recommend that during the first few months, you spend time with your scholar one-on-one to foster your relationship and get to know each other. If others are introduced into the relationship too early, your scholar may feel left out, neglected, or not special enough for you to spend time with alone.



Q: Can my friends get involved?

A: Absolutely! If you know someone who would like to be a full-time mentor or "mentor for the day" at an upcoming PEAK event to get familiar with our scholars and program, let us know !


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