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Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able not only to fully fund our PEAK Class of 2024, but also to offer one wait-listed student, Chris, a full-tuition, four-year scholarship to Holy Trinity High School and a spot in our award-winning 1-on-1 mentoring program. What a transformational gift for a young person. Click here to read more about Chris.

Because our “No Time to Wait” campaign has been so well received, we have a special opportunity to offer the same gift to one more scholar, who we had initially thought we would have to turn away.

Camille is an incoming student with extraordinary potential. With your help, we have the opportunity to change her life with the power of education and mentoring. Click here to read about Camille.

Move the needle for one young person.
Right now.
There's no time to wait.


more supporters who commit to giving $100 per year for four years 

are needed to provide a full tuition, four-year scholarship for Camille

95 special individuals have the opportunity to become PEAK "No Time to Wait" sponsors by pledging to make a $100 contribution toward Camille's tuition each year over the next four years.

If you've been looking for a truly meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of Black and Brown youth in Chicago, join the growing ranks of PEAK's "No Time to Wait" sponsors. Help us offer Camille the gift of a lifetime, and watch with us as this special class of freshmen moves toward high school graduation and beyond.


It is going to take a while to move the needle nationally on racial justice and educational equity. But for Chris, Camille, and others like them, there is No Time to Wait.

We are hearing from employers of mentors and friends that they would like to join in the "No Time to Wait" campaign. If your company or your employer is interested in opportunities to support, please click here to email Executive Director Katherine Rush for more information.

Meet Camille*

Camille is a high school freshman from the far south side of Chicago.

She is a deeply thoughtful, compassionate, and hard working young woman who is driven by her care for others and her passion for justice. 

The person she admires the most is her single mother, who has worked hard to bless her with a good education up to now. Camille fiercely desires to continue her Catholic education at Holy Trinity High School, but she knows even the school's financial aid would not be enough to help her mother afford the luxury of a private education.

She is dedicated and is working hard to improve. By her own admission, she has trouble asking for help and sometimes struggles to complete her assignments. Like all PEAK scholars, she enters high school with average grades and test scores but with the potential for much more. Like so many young people, the support of a mentor through her high school years could make an enormous difference in her life. 

"If I could change the world, I would. People bully others based on their background, religion, sexuality, wealth, appearance, disability, and race. Why do people judge someone for having a different skin color?" 

Favorite subject in school: Math

College enrollment at Camille's neighborhood high school (2019):     38.1%

Hopes for high school: 

  • develop a strong relationship with her PEAK mentor that will last well beyond high school

  • join at least one club

  • get better at staying organized and meeting deadlines

  • find and play the sport that's right for her

Favorite activities: sports, video games

What her mom says: "My daughter's strength is her ability to learn from her mistakes. Also her analytical thinking, discipline, determination, and enthusiasm." 

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Meet Chris*

Chris is a first-generation high school student from the Austin neighborhood.

He is an intensely curious, caring, and hard working young man with a passion for computer science. He looks forward to college, where he hopes to participate in student government and to study abroad. ​

He has dreamed of attending Holy Trinity High School because he knows he learns best in a nurturing environment with small class sizes, but Chris knows even with both his parents working they cannot afford the luxury of a private education for him.

"I intend to try my best in high school and in college, so I can earn the job of my dreams. It will not be easy, but I fully intend to work hard and become successful." 

Future college major: Computer Science

Goals after high school:

  • secure a full scholarship to college, where he hopes to participate in student government

  • study abroad to expand his horizons and better understand the world and current events

  • volunteer abroad and locally to help those in need​

College enrollment within 12 months at Chris's neighborhood high school:     28%

Looking forward to doing with his PEAK mentor: 

  • going hiking and spending time outdoors together

  • trying new things and learn about different cultures

  • getting help when he is struggling with one of his classes in school

Currently reading: Avatar

Favorite grade school activities: algebra, hockey, soccer

What his mom says: "Chris is extremely patient. He is a good listener. He has always had an optimistic point of view on life. However, he is shy. At times, his shyness holds him back from being the best person he can be....This program would allow my son to be the best version of himself." 

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*Names changed for student privacy

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