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Welcome to PEAK-a-thon!


This holiday season -- in the run up to Giving Tuesday -- we're inviting you to join our scholars and mentors in Paying It Forward: Rebounding Together as we come together for our annual PEAK-a-thon campaign.

Despite the pandemic, PEAK upperclassmen are achieving mostly "A" and "B" grades. This is remarkable not only because last year was so hard on all of us, but also because of how far they've come.

You can support them by donating to one of the mentor-scholar teams fundraising for PEAK-a-thon when you click the "Join Us" button below.

Unlike many scholarship programs, PEAK takes students who can't get other scholarships because their middle school transcript has average grades and test scores. Freshman year many PEAK scholars find holding a "C" average a challenge.

PEAK mentors believe in their scholars and with the academic, financial and social support we provide PEAK scholars always thrive - even during the toughest times.

Over the past two years, the PEAK-a-thon has made it possible to expand the program and add more scholars. This year we want to take as big a freshman class as possible.

Just as importantly, we want to help more people know about the life-changing work that PEAK does so that they can volunteer or support scholarships. Part of Paying It Forward is giving friends and family the opportunity to help advance our mission. 


PEAK's combination of quality, values-based education with supportive, one-on-one mentoring transforms lives.


But this year, we've seen something really extraordinary: scholars are rebounding better than we ever could've hoped for. In fact, this year's PEAK senior class is out-performing preceding senior classes.


Our scholars and mentors aren't just recovering; they're Rebounding Together and now they want to welcome an even bigger freshman class next year. Will you help them keep Paying It Forward?

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help provide a four-year, full-tuition scholarship and a committed 1-on-1 adult mentor for the PEAK Class of 2025.

We know you want to help young people in Chicago achieve their dreams. The world has changed; after this incredibly challenging year, people are more eager than ever for ways to make a difference. Give generously, share these PEAK stories, repost our social media through Giving Tuesday. Please join us in Paying It Forward: Rebounding Together.

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