E-Mentoring: Best Practices for Mentoring During Social Distancing -Part 3

As seniors prepare for life after high school, it is fair to assume that many of them are now dealing with an especially high level of uncertainty and stress. With college entrance exams, internships, and most graduations canceled the next best thing to look forward to is college. PEAK is proud that since 2006, 100% of our senior scholars have been admitted into college. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the mentoring support that PEAK offers all the more critical in making sure that our scholars have the chance to pursue higher education. There are many things that mentors can do to help high school seniors prepare for college during this time. Start by asking them the following questions belo

E-Mentoring: Best Practices for Mentoring During Social Distancing - Part 2

The COVID-19 outbreak has revealed a lot about our society. Students are used to spending 8 hours of their day inside a school building. They have set class times, lunch breaks, and P.E. classes that provide structure and allow them to move around. With almost 80% of the country's population sheltered in place, students who once longed for summertime are now counting down the days until they can return to school. Frankly, many PEAK scholars and their peers are struggling with the adjustment, for many reasons. This is where mentors like yourself come in. Mentors can help young people thrive during this time in many ways. 1. Help your mentee structure his/her day. Many students engaged in e-l

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