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A Picture of Words

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that's not to say words aren't powerful. In a society that Snapchats, Instagrams, and "selfies," pictures have become ubiquitous and maybe even preferred. At PEAK, we want to teach our students that what they have to say is important, and we want to make sure their voices are heard.

That's why we sent out a short questionnaire to PEAK students, asking them to describe the PEAK programs and themselves. It was an opportunity for the students to think about their identity, and to assess our students' perception of the PEAK program. We encouraged thoughtful reflection and honesty, and this is what we got:

PEAK students described themselves as: eager, determined, great, sporty, helpful, kind, loving, intelligent, vibrant, hard-working, laid back, outgoing, understanding, open-minded, caring, problem-solver, funny, smart, humble, and dedicated.

PEAK students described PEAK as: helpful, amazing, understanding, creative, motivational, useful, effective, opportunity to help others, allows unfortunate kids to pass high school and get a great education, and helps students do the best they can do academically and as a person.

Not only was it encouraging to hear PEAK students speak to the helpfulness of PEAK, but it was awesome to know so many of our students see themselves as great students and people. This is who PEAK is, and these are the kids we serve--how fantastic is that?

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