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First Impressions at PEAK Match Night

Holy Trinity High School could barely contain the chatter and nervous energy filling the space last Thursday evening. Our PEAK scholars and mentors had waited months for this moment, and it was finally here: PEAK Match Night.

Twelve scholars with families in tow, 12 mentors with notebooks and pens, and PEAK Board members and staff filed into the school to kick off the new school year. After setting expectations, responsibilities, and giving advice, each new mentor/mentee pair was announced.

Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve wracking and awkward, but our scholars and mentors jumped right into an ice breaker and natural conversation. After a few minutes, our scholars had opened up and were joking around with mentors like old friends. You would have never known this was the first time our new PEAK mentoring pairs had met, which is a wonderful testament to the quality of scholars and mentors involved in PEAK.

Not only did scholars, mentors, and parents participate in introduction activity together, they reviewed each scholar's goals and hopes for this new relationship. Scholars' goals were academic (achieving a certain GPA or turning in all homework on time), social (join robotics club or tryout for baseball), and long-term (become an actress or nurse). Our mentors will be a great source of encouragement and accountability for their scholars!

After the event ended, scholars and mentors lingered in the halls to exchange numbers and schedule plans. The first of many events together over the next four years was a success, so stay tuned for more updates to come!

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