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It's National Mentoring Month!

National Mentoring Month is celebrated throughout the month of January, and is the best way to kick off the New Year! PEAK and other mentoring organizations are teaming up to recognize and celebrate mentors- we know our scholars' success is largely due to the support and encouragement they receive from their mentor throughout high school.

Our mentors are speaking up about why they got involved with PEAK and how mentoring has impacted them. Senior PEAK mentor Matt shares a bit about what motivated him to mentor a student:

“When I heard of PEAK and its mission, I was excited at the prospect of becoming a mentor. I feel strongly that the problems we face in our city are ones that require the time and effort of those of us who call this city home. If you want to see a positive change you need to act. So the opportunity to help a young person avoid pitfalls that surround their everyday life resounded with me. As a mentor, I am able to impart the experiences that I have had and encourage my mentee to achieve more than he might on his own. And in return, I get valuable information on the latest styles in fashion, phrases, and what apps I should have on my phone; thus tricking others into thinking I’m still young and “with it”.”

Matt and his mentee Luis bowling together

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