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PEAK parents say "Thank you!"

In honor of National Mentoring Month, parents of our PEAK scholars shared what their child's mentor has meant to them:

"Jada's mentor has been a great inspiration in her life. She has a great personality outgoing person. She helped Jada to become a better person ‍ she's helped Jada to set goals & how to achieve them as well. We are so thankful for Nicole. Jada loves️ Nicole! Jada can talk to her about anything in life- she trusts her. Jada family loves Nicole️. It's so much I can say thanks PEAK & Nicole for making a difference & giving kids a chance to succeed in life. Thanks!" -Nicole

"When my son Luis got matched up with his mentor Matt they nailed it. They had/have so much in common, Matt gives him a different view on life and the challenges he will face out there. Matt installed in him that never to give up even if he feels stuck even to the point where he wants to give up. I can honestly say Matt isn't just my son's mentor and our friend he is FAMILY. This is what Luis has to say about his mentor:" -Diana

"Chris has made a huge impact in Oscar's life, first of all he has become a friend which I believe will be a long term friendship, him as well as his family are always very welcoming. Oscar wants to thrive and feels motivated. As you know Chris is an attorney, one of Oscar's thoughts still to possibly be an attorney, if not he will most likely follow some sort of law. Chris talks to Oscar and gives him so much knowledge as well as things he has gone through. We truly are blessed to have had such a wonderful opportunity for Oscar to have been accepted into Holy Trinity and in the Peak program. I still remember that phone call that he was accepted and that he would have a mentor to guide him through these rough teenage years. Which Chris has done an amazing job. I hope they continue to be friends for life and maybe one day Oscar will mentor as well." -Marcela

"I appreciate Tunde so much, he had been such an inspiration for Lavelle, I thank God for him and Shawnee as well, they were my go to when I couldn't get my message across. Lavelle would seek them for guidance whenever he needed to." -LaJoyce

"Matt influenced me on being a man that I have grew into my 4 years of high school. He encouraged me to go far and beyond even if I feel stuck at a point I won't succeed. I also influenced him at some points too. I also am an influence on Matt himself because I helped him by showing him all the coolest and latest things teens do our generation. So I can say I made him one of the coolest but greatest mentors out there. I honestly can say if I didn't get paired with a cool, outgoing and caring guy, I don't know what type of person I would've become in my high school experience. Thanks Matt!" -Luis ('17)

PEAK parent and mentor

PEAK mentor Nicole, scholar Jada, and mom Nicole

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