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Juniors College Prep Workshop

The college application process is a daunting one, even for families who have been through the process with older children already.

But even for veteran parents, the college research and selection process is different for every child. The best way to prepare is by learning as much as possible about the process and what to look out for. That's why PEAK asked Highsight Director Mark Duhon to lead a College Prep Workshop for all junior PEAK scholars, their parents, and mentors.

The presentation answered commonly-asked questions like, "When should I start researching colleges?" (answer: freshmen year, and spend time each week doing so) and "What kind of schools should I apply to?" (answer: schools that are an academic match for you- out-of-state liberal arts colleges are a great place to start!).

Parents, mentors and scholars felt more at-ease and equipped to navigate the college application process. Thank you to Mark and all who attended this successful workshop!

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