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Passing the Torch

After four years, our senior PEAK scholars have experienced and learned a lot. Before they graduate and head off to college, we wanted to give our seniors the opportunity to share advice and key learnings with younger classes of scholars. We were also fortunate enough to have PEAK alum Jerry join us to share advice about transitioning into college, and to encourage all scholars to take advantage of PEAK and their high school years.

All seniors had great advice to share, and a few common themes emerged: it's important to start thinking about college in freshmen year, learn time management skills and use your planner, lean on your mentor in times of struggle or stress, take advantage of summer opportunities like travel and internships, and develop good relationships with you teachers (future recommendation letter writers!).

When the Q&A ended, underclassmen felt motivated to do their best and were inspired by their older peers' stories. Our scholars truly care for each other and do their best to build each other up ever day!

The senior panel shared great advice about asking for help, making the most of your summer, and taking grades seriously

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