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Breakfast with PEAK

If you want to make a difference, invest your resources where it counts: in the younger generation. Supporting the education and development of teens isn't necessarily a new idea, but Raj Vinnakota, Vice President of the Aspen Institute's Youth & Engagement Division, took this concept to a new level at the first annual Breakfast with PEAK on January 25.

Raj challenged 200 guests to share their social capital- their connections, network, perspective, and skills- with those who traditionally have little to no access. Only when those in a position of power and privilege elect to impart their social capital with the younger generation (and specifically, those from disadvantaged backgrounds) will we see true change in our country and world.

Becoming a mentor, either in a formal sense or through everyday conversations and interactions, is just one example of how to do this. Organizing opportunities for young people to learn social and professional skills like networking is another. The Partnership to Educate and Advance Kids (PEAK) has been doing both for the past 20 years, and invites others to join us on our journey to grow our mission.

Thank you to our guest speaker Raj Vinnakota, our Board Chair Craig Dean, longtime friend and supporter John Raitt, and student speaker Lavelle Brown for inspiring and challenging us all to share our wealth of social capital for a brighter future.

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