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Dining for Success

Navigating unfamiliar social situations can be stressful and intimidating. From graduation dinners, networking breakfasts, school and scholarship fundraising dinners, and even casual one-on-one lunches with their mentors, PEAK scholars have many occasions throughout the years to prepare for. We believe our scholars should feel comfortable and confident in their ability to be their best self in any of these situations. PEAK's Dining for Success etiquette workshop aimed to do just that: equip our scholars with the social skills necessary to make a winning first impression wherever they go.

Not only did PEAK scholars and mentors receive a crash-course in table manners (which silverware to use and when), but practiced making table conversation. Communication skills are extremely valuable and useful no matter what career path you choose!

At the end of the day, etiquette expert Leontina Richardson reminded the group that the most important thing to remember is to smile, be friendly, and be yourself!

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