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PEAK Juniors Hit the Road

Junior year is critical for high schoolers- not only are students enrolled in tough classes (honors and AP), but they're taking the ACT and SAT while starting to think about college. PEAK ensures all scholars have the opportunity to visit multiple different colleges and universities, beginning freshman year. It's important for scholars to step onto a real college campus, meet current students, and start picturing themselves at one of these schools.

Over their spring break, five PEAK juniors joined a college tour group with HighSight and set out to see three schools in Michigan. Their first stop was Hillsdale College, where scholars sat in on an actual lecture and spent the night in dorm rooms. The next two schools were Albion College and Kalamazoo College. All three had something unique to offer and appealed to each scholar in different ways.

PEAK scholar Ron Scott writes, "This opportunity has given me a better understanding of life on campus. This trip has definitely shown me what to look for in colleges."

His classmate Ingrid says, "I really enjoyed visiting all the colleges, especially Kalamazoo. This trip helped me expand my college search by looking at other colleges outside of Chicago."

PEAK scholar Kera shared, "I've learned that I need to start making wise decisions and get time to know who I really am. This experience helped me figure out what I want in a college."

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