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E-Mentoring: Best Practices for Mentoring During Social Distancing - Part 1

With schools and youth development organizations closed due to COVID-19, there are new opportunities for you to grow the impact of your mentoring.

Traditionally, mentors meet up with young people in person, but our current unusual reality gives a reason for mentors to embrace what we at PEAK are calling “e-mentoring.”

So how does one engage in e-mentoring?

E-mentoring happens when mentors use technology as a vehicle for deepening their mentoring relationship.

For e-learning equipped schools: six key conversation-starting questions to ask, when checking in with your student.

  1. How are you adjusting to your e-learning arrangement?

  2. What’s been your greatest challenge?

  3. What specific classes would you like support in?

  4. What do you like/dislike about this unusual arrangement and how might this situation help you in the future?

  5. What are you doing for fun when you’re not doing school work?

  6. FOR SENIORS: Is there any support I can give to you in preparation for graduation and college in the fall?

What are some free video platforms for connecting during social distancing?

  • Facetime (Apple)

  • Google Hangouts

  • Google Duo

  • Skype

  • Zoom


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