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Mentors enjoy fun mini-golf outing; new enhanced program format aims to boost connections

This year, gathering together for conversation and support is a priority among PEAK mentors.

Fun was "par for the course" on Oct. 6 as PEAK mentors got to enjoy a social outing and practice their golf putts at Big Mini Putt Club in Chicago’s Wicker Park.

The club, the city’s first indoor 9-hole mini-golf course, is just down the street from Holy Trinity and was a cheerful spot for mentors to spend a relaxed couple of hours getting to know each other better and sharing their experiences.

Some 20 mentors had a blast playing mini-golf that evening, punctuated with tacos and other delicious bites from Big & Little’s located next door. Five groups of four “teed off,” spacing themselves out by 15 minutes apiece to best enjoy the course.

Big thanks to mentor Brigid Reidy for finding a casual, relaxed setting and taking care of the logistics!

Meanwhile, PEAK mentors are benefiting from an enhanced program format this year. This year’s return to school introduced a new virtual concall format so mentors have more opportunity for interaction with each other outside of mentor and mentor/student in-person events.

The October concall - which featured the mental health counselor who works with PEAK scholars at Holy Trinity - began with questions about mental health, but ran overtime as mentors utilized the remainder of the meeting to share questions, comments and insights.

Mentors said they're excited to continue growing their relationships this year as they work together to support the PEAK scholars!


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