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PEAK scholars are all-in on Spring sports!

As Chicago warms up, spring sports season is fully underway at Holy Trinity! PEAK scholars have been training for weeks. Now it’s time to represent! The Tiger family knows the importance of sports on their mental health, academics and personal lives.

The Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball season got off to a rough start. But while defeat is tough, PEAK scholars like Kevin Diaz don’t give up! Knowing that dedication can lead to improvement, Kevin pushes his teammates to work extra hard during practice. Working in perfect coordination is the goal and they are motivated and confident they will get there!

Students Lyle Grey ‘22, Maishawn Washington ‘22 and Michelle Robinson ‘25 are PEAK’s track and field team stars. Any afternoon you can see them fly around the corners of Holy Trinity’s second-floor hallway as they train! There is a lot of laughing and and cheering each other on to be heard, and no voice is more consistent than that of PEAK scholar Maishawn, who is always one of the first to arrive and encourage teammates towards success.

Finding ways to share their athletic pursuits with their PEAK Mentors is always a priority for our schoalrs. When Breona Valdez’s mentor, Loreen Strasser, came to visit one of her Varsity Softball games, Breona was thrilled, “I was shocked because I wasn’t sure if she would be able to make it,” Breona said, “and as I looked in the stands while playing I saw her! I had a big smile and waved at her.”

Coming together as a team is one of the most important lessons our scholars learn on their sports journeys. Whether they’re building their relationships with their mentors or using their leadership skills to complete group projects, the social skills they learn will stay with them forever.

Mentors of PEAK scholar on a team and our PEAK supporters can support our athletes using the play schedule on the Athletic Calendar! It’s updated with all the season’s games. Our scholars love to have PEAK supporters at their games and meets - the more support, the merrier! If you have any questions or comments about the Athletic Calendar, please contact Mr. Moore, the Athletic Director at


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