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PEAK Welcomes Two New Mentors

Anushka Mansukhani (Consultant at Deloitte) and Hannah Gullberg (Human Resources Coordinator at Brookfield Public Securities Group) have both stepped up to serve as mentors for PEAK scholars Myasia and Amaris, respectively.

How did you hear about the PEAK mentoring program?

HG - "I am fortunate enough to work with Kirsten Manire, a PEAK Board member who previously was also a mentor. She shared all about her experience as a mentor which encouraged me to get involved."

AM - "I watched a video about on social media - the video featured a friend of mine and her mentee. It was an extremely moving video and it made me long for the relationships I shared with my mentors and mentees back in college, so I decided to look up mentoring organizations in Chicago via"

What do you do for work?

HG - "I am a Human Resources Coordinator at Brookfield Public Securities Group, an investment management firm located in the Loop."

AM - "I am a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte LLP. My job is to help our range of clients (from government agencies and nonprofits to large corporations) with all their technology needs. I specialize in enterprise-wide system transformations."

Why did you decide to become a PEAK mentor?

HG - "I am excited to create a relationship with my scholar and take a step back into life as a high school student; not only will it be a great experience to gain new perspectives, I look forward to helping shape the leaders of tomorrow."

AM - "When I was younger, I didn't think that I would be successful or that I would end up where I am today. There was a point where most people in my life didn't think I would be successful either. Even my parents were doubtful that I would amount to much. I was unambitious and confused about who I was or where I should be. But it all turned around when one of my professors in college took the time to mentor me. Slowly, I had a network of mentors who believed I could achieve anything I set my mind to and they helped me be successful. They believed in me until I was able to believe in myself. I learned that one person or one action from me could really make a world of difference to someone else, which is why I decided to become a PEAK mentor and do my best to give another young adult the same opportunities that some very kind mentors gave me."

We are so grateful to have these two very dedicated individuals join our ranks. We can't wait to see how each of their relationships develop.


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