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Meet a few of our applicants:

When PEAK accepts a scholar applicant, we commit to funding their full 4-year tuition at Holy Trinity High School in return for the scholar’s full commitment to their academic work + full participation on the 1:1 mentoring program. Tuition for the 2020-21 year is $9500.


If you would like to consider sponsoring a four year scholarship in full or in part, please email Executive Director Katherine Rush.


Donating by check? Make check out to PEAK and mail to:

1443 W Division Street, Chicago, IL 60642.

Hayden and Jayden*

Age: 13

Neighborhood: Garfield Park

The first thing to know about us is that we are twins! We have always gone to school together, and we already know that we want to stick together for high school but go our separate ways for college.

Our mom is not ashamed to say that she grew up poor on the West Side of Chicago, where we still live. As a kid, she tried to do the right things, but she didn’t know how to achieve academically and ended up as a teen mother. She works hard to provide for our family. She encouraged us to apply for PEAK because she is dedicated to making sure that we have the social support and role models that she wishes she had as a kid. 

Here is a little bit about each of us:

Jayden here! My favorite place to visit is the Field Museum. I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up. I like my math classes, but reading is more of a challenge for me...but I love to read comics!

This is Hayden! My favorite class in school is art, and my teacher says I am talented. People also tell me I am well-spoken for my age. I love to read. I dream of being an orthodontist, but I know I will have to improve my math skills in order to achieve that dream. 

We are both very hard workers.


We know we will be able to get where we want to go with the right support.

*Name and details have been changed to protect student privacy


Age: 14

Neighborhood: Franklin Park 

My mom says that I am driven, just like her. Even if I’m not at the top of every class, I take pride in turning in all my assignments on time.


I love to write, and I spend my free time writing stories about my family. I hope to publish a story one day. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher so that I can share my joy in reading and writing with others. 

I hope I get the chance to be a PEAK scholar because I won’t be able to attend Holy Trinity otherwise - my grades aren’t quite good enough to get a different scholarship, and my family already has enough trouble paying our bills and supporting my sisters’ educations. I already look up to the caring teachers I have met on my visits to the school, and I hope that getting to know my PEAK mentor will be a unique opportunity to gain a new perspective.


I understand that the opportunities PEAK offers are very valuable. 


I want everyone to know that if you invest in me, I won’t let you down.

*Name and details have been changed to protect student privacy


Age: 14

Neighborhood: Belmont Cragin

I love playing sports. Especially soccer - I would love to continue playing in high school and college. I know it makes my mom proud when I get chosen as MVP of my team. I try hard to make my mom proud. Money is tight since she lost her job and a few different things happened that left us with some medical bills.


Before the stay-at-home order, I would try to help out by working for our neighbor’s landscaping business on weekends, but I know that the best way for me to help is to stay in school and try to keep my grades up.


I am learning to play the saxophone, and I practice a lot to get the music right. I play by ear -- I can’t read the notes yet. But if I get to come to Holy Trinity on a PEAK scholarship, I would enjoy learning how to read music when I join the band. 


My favorite subject to study is science. I just love getting to test out hypotheses and find out new information for myself through experiments. Other classes in school don’t always come as easily for me.


Having a mentor during high school would help me get better at knowing myself and knowing when I need help.

*Name and details have been changed to protect student privacy


Note: All scholar applications are subject to thorough review by PEAK. If the scholar whose application a particular profile was based on is not accepted for any reason, all donations will still support the PEAK Class of 2024.

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