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Think you might be a fit for PEAK?
PEAK provides four-year, full-tuition scholarships for incoming freshman with average academic middle school performance and low-income families to attend Holy Trinity High School. Families contribute up to $1,200 per year to cover books and uniforms. 
PEAK scholars are also matched with qualified mentors who provide support and guidance throughout the scholar's high school experience. Scholars must participate in all aspects of the mentoring program and academic support initiatives in order to maintain their scholarship. 
Scholars must be motivated to succeed and willing to fully participate in all PEAK activities: summer programs, academic support programs and Saturday scholar/mentor events.

To be eligible for a PEAK scholarship students must:

  • Be accepted to Holy Trinity High School

  • Complete and submit PEAK application 

  • Demonstrate financial need

  • Attend a PEAK interview

To remain in the scholarship students must:

  • be working to the absolute best of their ability.

  • achieve at least a 2.5 GPA with no failing grades on each semester report card. (The Executive Director retains discretion to modify this requirement on an individual student basis as appropriate.)

  • abide by the PEAK Scholar Ethical Code of Conduct and all Holy Trinity policies and rules.

  • abide by the check-in and tutoring requirements set by PEAK Advisors at their discretion.

  • meet with their mentor in-person for at least four hours per month and communicate by phone or text two additional times per month.

  • attend four to six scholar/mentor events each year as well as occasional PEAK meetings after school.

  • return all texts, emails or phone calls from their mentor within 24 hours

For more information, contact Program Manager Minha Osorio at

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