PEAK Staff

Katherine Rush

Executive Director

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Katherine Rush came to PEAK in early 2018 directly from running her own nonprofit consulting company. She has extensive fundraising and communications experience including as Director of Development at FINCA International and Communications Director at the Chicago office of Metropolitan Group. She has also worked on public policy issues related to urban education and mentoring in her time working for the State of Illinois as well as the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Katherine has master’s degrees in social science from the London School of Economics and Northwestern University. A parent herself (Katherine has a son in college at Northwestern University, and a daughter in high school), Katherine has put her training and experience working with youth to use serving on the board of multiple youth arts organizations as a volunteer, as well as in her consulting work.


Elizabeth McCreless

Associate Director of Development

Elizabeth has always been deeply passionate about providing people the support they need to reach their potential. She came to Chicago in 2008 to study Religious Studies and History at the University of Chicago. Since then, she has worked with schools and community organizations throughout the city. Before coming to PEAK in the summer of 2018, Elizabeth ran the central office at Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park for three years, working closely with leadership to implement new systems to support the community’s goals. She has worked directly with high school students in various settings, including in her time at Johnson College Prep in Englewood. Since joining PEAK, she has elevated PEAK's annual appeal, increasing fundraising more than sixfold. Elizabeth also oversees Breakfast with PEAK, our biggest annual event. Outside of office hours, Elizabeth plays bluegrass fiddle with The Rocky Tops.

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Alexis Armfield, LSW

Program Manager

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As a licensed social worker, Alexis is passionate about nonprofits and community development. She focuses her efforts on creating opportunities for all people to succeed and working within organizations to bring about systemic change. Alexis holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from Providence College and a master’s degree in social work and social welfare from the University of Chicago. What she saw during her travels in India, Brazil and Senegal to research low-wage workers in those countries shaped her desire to pursue a career in social work and tackle systemic issues within cities. 

Alexis has experience working with homeless individuals in Providence, R.I., as well as counseling high school students in Boston, Mass. As a graduate student, she served as communications assistant for the Thirty Million Words Project, which works to increase literacy among lower socio-economic families, and spent a year interning at EverThrive Illinois, focusing on improving maternal and infant mortality. Before joining PEAK in August 2020, she worked as a family advocate for Head Start families on Chicago’s West Side. She is excited to join the PEAK community and looks forward to making connections with staff, mentors, scholars and their families. In her free time, Alexis loves to travel and explore new parts of the city with friends. She is always eager to try new food spots and find hidden pockets of nature.