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"Being a PEAK mentor isn’t just about getting involved or sharing insight with a young person - it's also about learning and growing as an adult. Growing together with someone else is what life is all about, and PEAK creates the time and space for that to happen."

–Kevin Golden, PEAK Mentor Alum


Being a PEAK mentor is a highly rewarding commitment. It is an opportunity to impact a young person's life by serving as a life coach and role model. Mentoring has been shown to improve attendance, attitudes toward school, and self-esteem.


PEAK mentors develop close relationships with their scholars that persist well beyond the high school ears. The long-term commitment of our mentoring program allows mentors to grow a strong bond with a young person and watch as they come into their own over time.


  • Mentors commit to work with a scholar 1:1 over the course of their four years in high school.

  • PEAK recommends mentors spend about four hours with their scholar each month in person.

  • Regular communication via phone calls, text messages, or email keeps the relationship going in between those visits.

  • PEAK hosts 4-6 mentor/scholar events each year to foster the mentoring relationship which are mandatory for scholars and highly encouraged for mentors to attend.



  • Mentor Orientation takes place in September at the beginning of the school year to prepare mentors for their new role.

  • Monthly Mentor Concalls: Mentors have the option to call in for 30 minutes to learn about a pressing mentoring topic with a guest speaker.

  • Mentor Roundtables: Held twice a year, these provide an in-depth presentation on a mentoring topic followed by a facilitated conversation with other PEAK mentors and are highly encouraged for mentors to attend.


  • Monthly check-ins and support from PEAK Program Manager.

  • PEAK Mentor group via with mentoring best practice posted, upcoming events, opportunities for mentors and scholars, and ongoing communication between mentors.



CLICK HERE to fill out a Mentor Application or email PEAK Program Manager, Minha, at We look forward to meeting you and matching you with a scholar!

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