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Corporate Sponsorship

Across America individuals have begun to look for ways to immediately extend to individuals of color the opportunities that make up the promise on which our nation is built. One growing call to action has come from the leadership of the nation’s nonprofit community: find one social justice cause that allows you to engage with communities of color and have a transformative impact, listen and learn, invest your time and treasure and stick with it.

PEAK provides one such opportunity. Educational equity is key to social justice. Most of us see this in our own lives. However, moving the needle on education for children of color can seem like a momentous task. True educational equity would mean upending a system of poverty, inequality and institutional racism that is hard to understand and even harder to address as a society, much less as individuals. And yet, children need us now if they are going to achieve the American Dream. 

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PEAK allows your company to move the needle for one child, today, right now. 


There is no time to wait...join us!


Meet Camille*

Camille is a high school freshman from the far south side of Chicago.

She is a deeply thoughtful, compassionate and hard working young woman who is driven by her care for others and her passion for justice. 

The person she admires the most is her single mother, who has worked hard to bless her with a good education up to now. Camille fiercely desires to continue her Catholic education at Holy Trinity High School, but she knows even the school's financial aid would not be enough to help her mother afford the luxury of a private education.

She is dedicated and is working hard to improve. By her own admission, she has trouble asking for help and sometimes struggles to complete her assignments. Like all PEAK scholars, she enters high school with average grades and test scores but with the potential for much more. Like so many young people, the support of a mentor through her high school years could make an enormous difference in her life. 

"If I could change the world, I would. People bully others based on their background, religion, sexuality, wealth, appearance, disability and race. Why do people judge someone for having a different skin color?" 

Favorite subject in school: Math

College enrollment at Camille's neighborhood high school (2019):     38.1%

Hopes for high school: 

  • develop a strong relationship with her PEAK mentor that will last well beyond high school

  • join at least one club

  • get better at staying organized and meeting deadlines

  • find and play the sport that's right for her

Favorite activities: sports, video games

What her mom says: "My daughter's strength is her ability to learn from her mistakes. Also her analytical thinking, discipline, determination and enthusiasm."


*Names changed for student privacy 

Ways to Support

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  • Support a scholar's participation in the program

$12,500 covers the cost for one scholar's participation in the PEAK scholarship and mentoring program for one year.

$50,000 covers the cost of that scholar's participation straight through to high school graduation.

  • Host a PEAK Lunch & Learn for your team

PEAK hosts Lunch & Learns for corporate teams that highlight the impact of mentoring on Chicago youth, including the opportunity to hear from a PEAK scholar and their mentor firsthand.

  • Share our mentoring volunteer opportunities with your employees

Each year, PEAK seeks volunteers to commit to mentoring a student one-on-one for four years. We also have regular opportunities for volunteers to serve as a "mentor for a day" for one of our scholars. We would love to provide you with materials to promote volunteering with PEAK. 

  • Sponsor our annual signature PEAK event

More than 20% of PEAK's budget each year is raised at our signature breakfast event held in April.

For more information, contact PEAK at

 773-235-8003 or

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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