Back to College: PEAK Alum Thriving in St. Olaf Nursing Program

PEAK Alum Gabriella Del Raso ('17) just entered her junior year at St. Olaf College. This month, she completed her first rounds at a local hospital through the college’s selective nursing program. Even with supervision, "it was scary at first to take on independently all the checks and routines that are expected in a morning rounds," she said. Gaby isn’t letting that fear hold her back. Gaby’s PEAK mentor Mary Drolet (President and Managing Partner at Horizon Brand Partners) acknowledges that Gaby’s confidence and achievements are impressive. “One thing I’ve seen Gaby learn to do, continue to do, and do more of, is to seize opportunities.” Gaby is not only a member of multiple clubs at St. O

Not an Average Summer Vacation: PEAK Scholars Expand their Horizons on the East Coast

Across the board, “summer slump” is not a problem for PEAK scholars. Two travelled eastward this summer to study, with the support of their PEAK mentors, Program Manager Anthony Bolden, and their Holy Trinity High School community. Lorena’s 5-week program at prestigious Massachusetts prep school Northfield Mount Hermon was, in a word, “unforgettable.” The 5-week psychology course she chose sparked a newfound fascination with the mind and the brain. “I totally changed my plan,” said Lorena. “Since seventh grade I wanted to be a pediatrician, and now I want to major in psychology and minor in Spanish. But it’s ok that I changed. I could change plans again, and that would be ok too.” The course

Welcome PEAK Class of 2023! A Lifelong Mentoring Journey Begins on Match Night

After a week-long PEAK orientation in August, the PEAK Class of 2023 made the first few weeks of school look like a breeze. Multiple scholars maintained perfect GPAs — notable for scholars who had all left middle school in the spring fitting PEAK's usual average or below-average profile. Orientation week, led by longtime PEAK volunteer Vince Guider along with Program Manager Anthony Bolden, included work on goal-setting, thoughtful letters to their future PEAK mentors, meaningful dialogue and teambuilding, and an engaging and inspiring visit to Northwestern University. Thanks to the supportive community and academic rigor offered at Holy Trinity High School, many freshmen PEAK scholars have

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