I Am a Mentor Day!

Senior mentor Gladys shares her thoughts on mentoring: Mentoring a young person is a privilege. I am learning that it is a responsibility that calls upon us to engage deeply, be vulnerable to sharing our experiences, and commit to making room for someone else. That’s the framework embedded in my relationship with my mentee, who is now a senior at Holy Trinity through PEAK. Engage deeply Engaging deeply with my mentee entailed connecting with her family. The first time I met my mentee, I also met her parents at a PEAK event. As a new mentor, I would have never considered interacting with parents prior to developing a relationship with the student. However, meeting her parents was a perfect wa

PEAK parents say "Thank you!"

In honor of National Mentoring Month, parents of our PEAK scholars shared what their child's mentor has meant to them: "Jada's mentor has been a great inspiration in her life. She has a great personality outgoing person. She helped Jada to become a better person ‍ she's helped Jada to set goals & how to achieve them as well. We are so thankful for Nicole. Jada loves️ Nicole! Jada can talk to her about anything in life- she trusts her. Jada family loves Nicole️. It's so much I can say thanks PEAK & Nicole for making a difference & giving kids a chance to succeed in life. Thanks!" -Nicole "When my son Luis got matched up with his mentor Matt they nailed it. They had/have so much in common, M

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