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A Leg Up: Skill Building from Climbing to Test-Taking

Each year PEAK organizes group outings for scholars and mentors that often become the most treasured of the memorable shared experiences PEAK relationships are built on.

“Best event yet!” is how mentor and longtime PEAK supporter Doug Bacon described PEAK’s morning cooking class at The Chopping Block in March. As they ate their finished quiche and crepes, Chef Matt Woolf mesmerized PEAK upperclassman by recounting how discovering his culinary calling led to academic and then professional success, against the odds.

Many of PEAK’s outings are about exposure to new experiences – such as indoor rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, which our freshmen and sophomores tried this month. For many PEAK underclassmen, this was a first-time encounter with a world of athleticism beyond traditional team sports.

Other outings help mentors gain insight into their scholars’ unique strengths and challenges as they work on projects together. For example, this December, Educational Endeavors provided our scholars with a morning of targeted tutorials on study skills to help them prepare for final exams. Working together not only allowed PEAK scholars to strengthen their academic toolboxes, but also equipped mentors with an understanding of how their individual scholar might improve their performance in school.

PEAK’s next outing will be in partnership with Comcast on May 4th, when our entire class will work together on refurbishing an elementary school as part of Comcast Cares Day. Contact Anthony Bolden if you would like to join in as a mentor-for-a-day!

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