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More to Give: Mentoring After Parenting

Kirti Patel is a generous supporter of Holy Trinity and Catholic education. “I had been thinking about mentoring for a while, and really felt I had more to give,” said Kirti on why she decided to become a PEAK mentor after raising her own children.

Kirti mentors PEAK scholar and Holy Trinity freshman Jocelyn Martinez. Kirti described Jocelyn as really smart. “She can handle anything that’s placed in front of her.”

Many of our PEAK mentors come from different neighborhoods, upbringings, and phases of life than our scholars. When asked what her biggest challenge as a mentor has been, Kirti thoughtfully mentioned communication and that Jocelyn is facing much tougher challenges than what she (Kirti) experienced when she was coming up. These are common obstacles for mentors and Kirti is overcoming them by focusing on being consistent and real.

Kirti raves that the relationship has helped push the duo out of their comfort zones and to try new things. Recently, Kirti took Jocelyn to see the movie Green Book, which highlights the story of a black musician and his white driver who face the ugly reality of racism on a concert tour and learn to appreciate their differences along their journey. “I was unsure if she would like the movie, especially since action movies are her favorite,” Kirti said, adding that she was pleasantly surprised that Jocelyn loved the movie.

We are very proud of Kirti and the difference she’s making in Jocelyn’s life.

As PEAK Program Manager Anthony Bolden says, “Give what you have to offer. It’s enough.”

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