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The Comeback Kid

William and John meeting for the first time on Match Night!

When William ‘22 began his academic journey at Holy Trinity High School his plan was to hit the ground running. Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards. The death of a family member during PEAK orientation triggered grief that became overwhelming. William’s normal glow was visibly dimmed, along with his desire to succeed. His grades dropped below PEAK's standards.

William couldn't find the hope to keep going. He wanted to quit. Enter his PEAK mentor, John Mitchell (Asst. United States Attorney, United States Attorney's Office). John has been right by William’s side through it all, supporting him when he needed an advocate and pushing him when he needed to be pushed.

Reflecting on when they first met, John said, "I knew William was really smart because he was so thoughtful and asked really inquisitive questions." John understood that William had the potential to be anything he put his mind and effort towards.

When William’s grades hit rock bottom, John passionately challenged William to make that meeting the moment when he would change his life forever. He asked William to "choose success from that day forward," and he has.

Since that day, William has made a complete shift in his trajectory. His progress reports and report card, once filled with D's and F's, now tell a story of success with A's and B's across the board. To say PEAK is proud of William would be an understatement. We are amazed!

William's come-back story is just another example of the grit and determination our PEAK scholars possess!


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